Commercial Design Services

  • Space Planning
  • Commercial Lease Space and Tenant Improvement Projects
  • Improvement Projects

Residential Design Services


Residential Renovations & Remodels

Whether you are planning to add on a new room or an entire upstairs home addition, or simply want to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with the latest fixtures and amenities, I will spearhead your design project from inception to completion.

New Home Buyer – Interior Finish Selections

The multitude of decisions that a new home buyer must make can be daunting. Selecting the right materials to ensure a coherent color scheme and proper scale, style and other architectural design features need to be considered.

I will guide you in making the best selections for your new custom home- including flooring, wall finishes (tiles, wall coverings, type of paint), cabinetry, countertops, architectural woodwork and trim.

I also provide additional expert guidance on kitchen and bath design as well as specialized high-tech designs for home theaters, game rooms, and libraries.

Custom Residential Interiors

Pulling from the best of the best on the market, I develop a holistic concept for your home: the space will flow, the colors will be harmonious, the furnishings (flooring, carpets, art, focused accessories, custom window coverings, etc.) well-selected, and furniture well-placed to provide you with a most beautiful, elegantly designed custom interior.

Home Staging

Do you want your house to shine for the holidays or that special occasion? This is the time to hire an expert to work with your existing furniture and accessories to create a new look and truly prepare the backdrop for your important party, event, property sale, or simply to enhance your lifestyle and home environment.

Household Organization

Perhaps you’re tired of the clutter and want rid of it once and for all. With a no-hassles approach, I work in 4-hour time segments to conquer the clutter, create new, easy to maintain organization systems, and provide you with an ongoing road map to household clarity.

I recommend Household Organization for any client preparing for a new kitchen or bath remodel, home staging, and/or new custom interior project.


"A building is not the autobiography of an architect... it is part of the story of a community."

- Curtis Fentress