Do you need to transform your office or home into a sustainable, beautiful environment?


Are you a homeowner or business owner who has…

A space that no longer works for you?

Clutter and an outdated interior?

A home in desperate need of a designer’s touch?

If this is you, then I can help. I’m Tara Imani and want to help you achieve your goals, even if your budget is limited.

Perhaps you have saved articles from a home renovation magazine and have attempted to replicate a design but realized you need structural and design transformation. You might think hiring a licensed architect would be a complicated process and you’ve got to find a professional who “gets it.”

Imagine working with an architect who has your vision; who can even see and plan the most appropriate details down to the accessories to make the space unique and reflect your personality. You need an architect who can program your space to building code, clearly delineate the project scope, and assist you with options within your budget.

I provide architectural services in Houston for remodeling, home renovations, remodels, house staging, interior design, and commercial space planning. I help clients achieve elegant, environmentally friendly spaces that achieve the following:

  • Provide comfort and utility
  • Reflect personality and class
  • Use efficient technologies
  • Maximize small spaces
  • Increase property value
  • Save money on heating and cooling

Now is the time to transform your office or home into a functional, clean, and energy efficient space that will comfort and nurture you for years to come. Contact me to find out how.